Shaping Russian innovation, entrepreneurship, education, and scientific expertise

Recognizing that official relations between the U.S. and Russian governments are complicated, USRF nonetheless affirms the importance of long-term investment in multi-faceted relations beyond official and diplomatic issues. In these challenging conditions, it is important that the next generation of American and Russian citizens have the opportunity to learn and share with one another, with the hope that they will be able to understand one another better, even where they may not agree.

USRF has established five areas of funding priority:

1. Rule of Law and Governance
Focus on outreach, education, and training in law, information, media, and activities that build the capacity of Russian citizens to develop and sustain laws, institutions, and practices that enable good governance at the local, regional, and national levels.

2. A Rules-Based Market Economy
Focus on outreach, education, and training in legal, regulatory, economic, and business practices that build the capacity of Russian citizens for private entrepreneurship.

3. Civil Society
Focus on outreach, education, and training in the capacity of citizen groups in Russia to work within their communities to advance projects that develop and advance solutions which improve the well-being of Russian citizens.

4. Expertise and Knowledge
Invest in U.S. expertise and understanding of Russia, and in Russian expertise and understanding of the United States

5. Connections and Linkages
Prioritize proposals that sustain and strengthen U.S.-Russian ties and cooperation.

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