Updated September 2022

Amid the current crisis, USRF grantees and partners have reported urgent, immediate needs and opportunities to support embattled Russian civil society both within and outside Russia. To respond to these needs, USRF will seek to provide maximum flexibility to current grantees, and additional resources to those facing crises and opportunities:

  • Maximum flexibility in support for current grantees and partners whose Russian program participants are under threat of arrest, attack or other repression and require physical relocation, protection and other services.
  • Support for Russian independent media, film producers and experts in Russia and abroad with the capability to reach the Russian public and help them understand the reality of the Kremlin’s attack on Ukraine, international isolation and domestic repression, especially its implications for economic opportunity and human development for ordinary Russian people.
  • Support for Russian organizations within and outside Russia to defend freedoms of expression and information, property rights, and Russia’s international legal obligations, such as in the ECHR and UN bodies.
  • Support for Russians who are forced to leave their home country and need to continue education, research and entrepreneurial activities in the U.S. and other countries consistent with the mission of USRF.

USRF is continuing to accept applications for urgent and immediate needs to support the project areas and situations detailed above. Please review the “Apply for a Grant” page for information and forms to apply for funding by December 1, 2022.

If you have any questions about any of the procedures above, please reach out to us at grants@usrf.us