St. Petersburg NGO Development Center

In 2010 and again in 2015, USRF funded two St. Petersburg NGO Development Center projects devoted to enhancing the capacity-building of Russian NGOs. The first project was aimed at increasing the quality of financial management in the non-profit sector. To that end, the Center developed a training course titled “Financial Literacy for NGOs” that was disseminated to 167 NGOs from various regions across Russia. The Center then published this course and distributed 500 hard copies. Additionally, over 4,000 NGOs were given access to the course through the Center of Distance Learning of Moscow State University. The Center’s second project focused on increasing fundraising capabilities and institutional development of Russian NGOs. The project was quite timely in that Russian NGOs had to learn how to raise funding domestically after funding from abroad was decreased. As a result of this second project, a new practice-oriented course on fundraising and entrepreneurial skills for NGOs were implemented.