Enhancing University Research and Entrepreneurial Capacity (“EURECA”)

From 2010-2017, the Enhancing University Research and Entrepreneurial Capacity (“EURECA”) Program was an important initiative that promoted cooperation of Russian and American universities in developing innovative approaches to, and commercialization of, intellectual property and technology transfers. The primary focus of this program was to enhance the entrepreneurial capabilities of Russian universities, and was perhaps best illustrated by St. Petersburg-based Research University ITMO’s partnership with UCLA. The project not only improved ITMO’s innovative infrastructure, but also helped bring the university’s R&Ds to the international market. For example, the launch of start-up accelerator iDealMachine became a real milestone in ITMO’s innovative ecosystem development. With $6M in initial funding, the accelerator has – to date – supported seven projects. Presently, ITMO shares its best practices in several Russian regions and helps universities bring their start-ups to innovative markets. New entrepreneurship centers were established in Samara and Vologda Regions and the Mordovian Republic.